Ryback Discusses Who Advised Him

In a recent episode of his great podcast, former WWE superstar Ryback discussed who had put the idea in his head to start on the path with using steroids. I highly recommend that you check out the original audio, as it is chock-full of a deeper look into the past at this superstar. One thing that Ryback did open up about was how he was introduced to steroids. In his younger days, it isn’t any wonder that this guy spent a lot of his time in the gym. On an unrelated side note, I remember actually going to see Ryback live, when he worked for the WWE at a live event. Words cannot describe how much larger than life this man appeared when he made his way out into the ring. It is very important to know that, according to Ryback, all periods of time where he was using steroids were before he was in the WWE.

As you know, the mega power in professional wrestling has a very strict steroids policy, hearing about Ryback admitting to using them before he was in the organization only goes to show just how strict the policy is. It’s interesting to hear about the tale of one fateful gym trip that led to a chance encounter with Jay Cutler, a bodybuilding icon and not the Denver Broncos professional football player. You can’t say that Jay Cutler doesn’t know how to spot potential because he did see just that in Ryback. Wanting to add more to the already amazing genetics that Ryback had, Cutler had advised him that he could have a legendary physique if he had used gear.

It’s funny to think about how one sentence can I have such an incredible impact on one’s life. For Cutler, he could’ve just been saying this to a random stranger in passing, yet it help to sculpt the future career of Ryback. According to the former WWE wrestler, Cutler’s words would go on to haunt him in the upcoming years. Eventually he did succumb to pressure and there was a brief period of time where he was using steroids but again, it’s very important to note that this was before he ever entered into the WWE. Hearing this glimpse into the past of Ryback, along with his very personal story, doesn’t make me wish that we could see him back on regular television again.

I’ve often been fascinated by such a physical specimen like this person and have learned quite a bit about him throughout the years. Even whenever we see someone who looks like they are miles ahead of us, it is a fact that can bring us down to earth quickly when we think that they struggle with the same decisions that we do every day. Hearing about this fascinating look into a dark past also goes to show that anyone can find their way out of the darkness and into the light. Although he might not currently be signed with the WWE, I don’t think that we’ve heard the last of Ryback anytime soon. Believe it or not, Ryback was primed to once carry the company as a star heel, which is another word for saying bad guy character. With awesome feuds with a-list talent, you can’t say that Ryback doesn’t have what it takes to be a larger than life athlete. Although he did mess around with steroids, even this guy realized that you don’t have to use gear to be a big guy!

Jon Jones Likely to Have One Year Suspension

In what had to be one of the more shocking changes to the main event in recent memory, when Jones was unable to put on a title fight, due to a failed test, it stunned the world. Now, it looks like the replications for that decision are still being made but it appears that Jon Jones will not be fighting for up to one year. News of this recent final decision on a suspension comes in the recent wake up news on another UFC stars temporary hiatus from combat, Brock Lesnar. In both instances, where fighting licenses are being put in jeopardy, it happened to two big names in the sport. This isn’t some sort of independent promotion who is suffering with their mid-level stars out of competition, these are two legends. When speaking about that, it does go to show that Dana White has really put all he’s got into cracking down on banned substances in this sport. We all remember reading about some employee changes that were going to happen to one of the biggest mixed martial art companies in existence but now are seeing that the changes are still holding true.

With every fighter under the sun seemingly calling out another on alleged steroid use, it is comforting to know that we now have a steel curtain and which no one will be able to skirt. Since the decision officially happened in the month of July any fans of Jones will not have to wait too much longer to see him return. Speaking of which, I do think that we will see both Lesnar and Jones return to the octagon in a short while. Although rules were broken, fans and businessman alike both know that having either one of the two previously mentioned legends coming back to a main event would mean big dollars for the industry. While we wait for both fighters to either come back to the big name in the organization, or perhaps settle to fight and a lower level competition, the returns will be eagerly anticipated. We’ve seen that John Jones has certainly had a string of luck that would just make about anyone want to give up.

Regardless of what is happened to him and his sordid past, I do wish him a speedy return in recovery to the sport that he dominated for so long. Also, regardless of what has been speculated about this man’s past, you can’t deny that sheer talent that he has. With this man now taking around a year to prepare and really get trained, we could be seeing the return of a new Jones, one like we’ve never seen before. It didn’t take long for the former light heavyweight championship belt holder to reclaim his throne, it was done in a matter of months. Being that we have seen two quick rises to the top of the food chain for Jon Jones, we all have to wonder if he has another rise left in him? Age would not play a role in effecting his comeback, Jones is still very young and older fighters have rose to those heights, so it isn’t impossible. I think the biggest determining factor in Jones’ future will be which head of companies will be willing to take him back in. It will take a lot of patience and practice for Jones to reclaim the throne for a third time.

Walter White Has Nothing on A Teacher Selling Steroids

Before we grab our pitchforks and go into a panic, it is super important to note a big part of this story. The teacher that has been charged with distributing these dangerous compounds did not ever make a transaction with anyone that he taught, sources say. Still, it is amazing to think that someone who was spending his days teaching students had such a risky nighttime job! Although this man may not have been handing out steroids, it still raises questions as to if this is going on at other education departments.lift it

Sometimes, it seems very odd that an entire sports team can be using and everyone turns a blind eye. Even in a small town, there were steroids that were always plaguing the minds and spirits of younger athletes. I remember spending my college days working out on campus at an awesome gym that they had setup for all faculty and students. Those years that are now long gone were the beginning of where I really started to develop true strength. Being that this college was located on a relatively small campus, it was common to see the workout building usually crowded.

As it usually happens when you go somewhere multiple times a week, you start to keep seeing other people. As I was into my first Spring semester, I remember that this was when the sports at this college campus began to really take off. We had a fairly good football team and I knew that the on-site fitness center was going to start getting crowded with some big guys. What I didn’t realize was what was going on, right in front of my eyes, when these huge dudes would tear the gym apart regularly. I have to admit that all of the football players were nice and accommodating, most of the time, unless it was right before a big game. Sounding more like a horror movie, than a morning workout, this large group of men would all be screaming and grunting. If I ever ended up too close to the group, following their team workout, you would know it and would likely want to start running the other way! One fateful evening, I had to go to my locker and get changed to be able to make it to a night shift at my job I had.

When I turned the corner, to get into my work clothes, I was met with a couple of needles at the top of a trash bin. Being afraid of germs, I wasn’t about to get close and investigate what was with those needles, I already had the answers I needed. The college team would go to win the state championships, which surprised some but not me. Although the team was always cool with me being in there to lift, I wasn’t about to draw their ire by letting them know what I saw after one of their group workouts.

What is still going on, is that coaches (not saying a large majority of them) are giving something extra that they shouldn’t be. Far be it from me to cast judgment on anyone but I do know that there was a big difference in the way that the team would play in the season that I went to that college. Running wild over the other teams in the district, it didn’t surprise me at all that I saw this local team run away with so many victories.

Unkind Words Shared Between Bisping and Henderson

Again, we have two fighters who are aiming to tear down the state of supplements in sports and where lines should be drawn. It seems that Michael Bisping wants the world to know that he isn’t happy about Henderson’s previous use of testosterone. I remember having the privledge of seeing these two men battle each other, quite a few years ago and they brought the house down. Looking forward to their upcoming encounter, I know that they will have a contest that everyone will be talking about. Not being one to shy away from any words, Henderson has stated that he has used testosterone in the past. If you were a fighter who was his age, it’s likely that you would use what you needed to, in order to keep up with the younger fighters.

I can see why Bisping feels the hatred towards Henderson, it was a fact that he on something when he was able to win the first fight between the two of them. I can’t say for sure that the testosterone was the only reason he scored that knockout but it will be interesting to see what happens, now that fighting organizations have really cracked down on any banned substances making their way into their fighters. In the defense of Dan Henderson, who has made claims that his levels were exactly where they should have been, you can’t deny how talented this guy is.

I have watched both Bisping and Henderson in numerous battles of their own, with the years of fighting experience between them, you know that this weekend will be one for the ages. I can see where each fighter is entitled to their own opinion, both have valid points. It’s another example of how trash talk between two fighters can quickly get personal. At least both men, and fight fans all across the world can have the talk set aside, once the cage door closes and the fight gets underway. As far as predictions are concerned, these two can put on such amazing fights that I am having had a hard time picking a winner. I have been mega fans of both fighters, throughout their respective careers, both should be earning their spot into the UFC hall of fame. This is just another tale in the history of fighters taking jabs about past supplement use, whether to sell more tickets or because it is truly personal, is another story. Regardless of all of the accusations that Henderson and Bisping are throwing out it only adds to the excitement of a fight that many fans thought would never happen again. Henderson has kind of been laying low in the recent years of the sport, after a legendary run that took him to the top of the sport.

With both men getting up there, in terms of age, a large number of fans were shocked when Bisping ended up winning a title. I could not have been happier when he was able to defeat Rockhold, in order to attain a title that had alluded Bisping for years. Seeing a rejuvenation in his career, many are of the opinion that Bisping will be having his hand raised by the end of Saturday night, we shall see. While Henderson prepares to defend his previous win, by repeating a victory, I know that my eyes will be glued to the television.

The Curious Tale of Dan Carter’s Alleged Findings

I hate seeing good athletes get a stain on their reputation. If you are a follower of rugby, the name Dan carter will likely ring a bell. Known as one of the greatest players of his, or any other time, Carter has been racking up points for his team for years. Amassing a loyal fan base, it came as a big shock when it was reported that Carter, along with other rugby players, had been popped on a steroid test. I know that I would have never thought about seeing Dan Carter be dragged down with those that try to cheat in their sport, I don’t believe that it was intentional. If we look closer at the report, let me throw a quick disclaimer that I’m only speculating, based on what I’ve seen. I know that making an accusation as serious as the ones that have been thrown at Carter are a serious matter.

rugby plan

Back to the matter at hand, what I have been hearing is that it was a corticosteroid that showed up on the results of Carter’s test. Confusing what can be used for minor skin irritation, someone using a corticosteroid may not always been doing so to try and be stronger than all other teammates. I believe that to find out how truthful the bad times are, you’ve got to look back at all of the good ones. Carter has never been a player that was known to skirt the rules, he has always had a good standing in his sport, making the news of his results of testing to be that much more shocking. Famous figures have stood behind this recognized athlete, offering up their support for this man. With the schedules that are required of rugby players, especially those who are at the height of fame like Carter finds himself, they have to adhere to rules that most of us couldn’t imagine.

Living a life under a microscope, drawing a knee injury into a spectacle, these rugby players have to have a way to manage their pain. We now live in a society where true privacy is hard to find. It stands to reason that Carter could have been administered the corticosteroids, without being fully aware of what was given to him. I highly doubt that anyone with the star power of Dan Carter would knowingly take a substance that was going to lead him to get a stain on his good name. If Carter had been in his rookie year, I could see the position to want to try and see what you could get away with. However, when you look at the tenure that Carter has earned out on the rugby field, this isn’t a guy who is going to be making any careless mistakes.

There were other teammates of Carter’s who have also, sadly, failed a steroid test. From what I’ve read, speculation is that it is all over said corticosteroid, likely used to treat past injuries. I am just not convinced that Carter meant for anything bad to happen, while he was trying to heal so that he could get back on the field. It seems like many supporters have already reached out to vocalizing their loyalty for this rugby star. Having seen some of the most awesome moments of Dan Carter’s career, I think he will be back with victory in mind very soon.

Slower Weight Training Reps Yield More Mass

When it comes time to get ready to lift, having a couple of tricks in your arsenal is great. While I’ve been working to get my biceps to show more prominently, I’ve needed any help that I could get. Whenever it comes time to get my concentration curls in, stopping the movement at the top and flexing, has gotten me noticeable advancements. By flexing, once the bicep lifts have started, you rush blood into the bicep, forcing new growth. Yet another route that has been found, in our collective quest to get speedier muscle has come from vastly slowing down lifting. You would think that it would make the most sense to lift through your created set, as fast as safely possible.

If you’ve been weightlifting the same speed as everyone else, you probably aren’t noticing anything worth writing home about. What some have suggested is that slow training becomes a viable path to change up your training. I’ve also heard this type of training known as the one rep style. The main difference between slower rep movement and normal weightlifting is that you will hold the weight in place, as long as you possibly can. The kind of adjustments that need to be made are all in your brain, don’t fool yourself into thinking that slow weight training is going to be any easier than what you’re used to, it could likely be difficult, in the beginning. If you don’t want to have to wait around forever for actual gains, I recommend using what is seen in the video below, it really helped me out.

You won’t want to stay on a slow lifting rep schedule permanently, only seek to use it if you’ve burned through every other scenario available. Essentially, you would want to change up rep speed when you are stuck and can’t seem to heighten the strength you have. When you are only concentrating on flying through lifting weights, you don’t pay attention to form, making a slower speed great for nailing new additions to your routine. Whenever I am incorporating new techniques, taking a mental inventory and slowing down is best to keep your stress low, where it needs to be during such a critical time. It’s been said that only doing one slow rep, in the time that it would take to you to knock out ten reps at normal speed both have the same effect on new tissue advancement but I’m not convinced!

Why I Choose to Gain Without Gear

I wanted to take a quick second and help to explain just what this website is all about. On this site, we will have much information that discusses smarter choices that you make in the gym. Comparing the safe supplements to the non-safe actual steroids is what we aim to do, in order to help you reach your goals. Many think that you need to risk your health to build yourself up, it’s just not the truth. It doesn’t take long to look around and see that others look like perfection, with nothing but what is in most kitchens. I wish that I could sit down with those who are determined to make such poor decisions, over what they falsely think that they need to get ahead with weightlifting.

Personally, I have known people who went down the wrong path and watching it is devastating. I hate getting on a soapbox and getting preachy but I feel strongly about wising up others with information about the destruction that steroids can cause. You don’t ever want to play a game that is impossible to win. I’m happy that most attitudes have changed, cooler heads are saying no to steroids, however there is still wrongdoing going on. For instance, in a few countries where self-image is becoming more important, steroid use is rising right along with it. Here at Legal Steroid Source, we only talk about supplements that are legal to have. If you are looking for the real deal, you will have go somewhere else, I don’t condone steroids and I will never speak of them in a light that is untrue. Sure, I do have strong feelings against them but only because I’ve seen them take their tolls on people I knew and loved.

inner strength

Advances are being made, in the world of supplementation, that you have to look closely to see. I feel that the innovations are giving us products that are flat out better. There was a period of time, around four years ago, where more products were being recalled, at a very alarming rate. What started as one or two supplements being taken away, had skyrocketed to what became, for the most part, an entire overhaul of an industry. Times were dark for a few months but that same overhaul helped out supplements more than anything has in decades. What we got, going forward, were companies that were transparent and happy to show every single ingredient in every product that went out the factory door, these are the good times.

Seriously, if half of the people that were on gear, decided to see what all was around for them to try, we could wipe out a lot of steroids that are polluting bodies and minds everywhere. I suppose that some think that rules are made to broken, but not me! Steroids, regardless of what anyone says, are closely being related to deaths and that is not suitable for me. I will be working out and getting stronger, with a few select supplements and my own sheer willpower. Injecting with anything has always sent me in a tailspin, having a large fear of needles. You’re too important to this world to go and chasing cheap and easy tickets out, put down the steroids and see what you are capable of. You could be pleasantly shocked when you realize that you chose this journey and you have more than enough strength within to do well at it.