Slower Weight Training Reps Yield More Mass

When it comes time to get ready to lift, having a couple of tricks in your arsenal is great. While I’ve been working to get my biceps to show more prominently, I’ve needed any help that I could get. Whenever it comes time to get my concentration curls in, stopping the movement at the top and flexing, has gotten me noticeable advancements. By flexing, once the bicep lifts have started, you rush blood into the bicep, forcing new growth. Yet another route that has been found, in our collective quest to get speedier muscle has come from vastly slowing down lifting. You would think that it would make the most sense to lift through your created set, as fast as safely possible.

If you’ve been weightlifting the same speed as everyone else, you probably aren’t noticing anything worth writing home about. What some have suggested is that slow training becomes a viable path to change up your training. I’ve also heard this type of training known as the one rep style. The main difference between slower rep movement and normal weightlifting is that you will hold the weight in place, as long as you possibly can. The kind of adjustments that need to be made are all in your brain, don’t fool yourself into thinking that slow weight training is going to be any easier than what you’re used to, it could likely be difficult, in the beginning. If you don’t want to have to wait around forever for actual gains, I recommend using what is seen in the video below, it really helped me out.

You won’t want to stay on a slow lifting rep schedule permanently, only seek to use it if you’ve burned through every other scenario available. Essentially, you would want to change up rep speed when you are stuck and can’t seem to heighten the strength you have. When you are only concentrating on flying through lifting weights, you don’t pay attention to form, making a slower speed great for nailing new additions to your routine. Whenever I am incorporating new techniques, taking a mental inventory and slowing down is best to keep your stress low, where it needs to be during such a critical time. It’s been said that only doing one slow rep, in the time that it would take to you to knock out ten reps at normal speed both have the same effect on new tissue advancement but I’m not convinced!

How Important is Sleep After Lifting Weights?

Many people wish they had an excuse to get more sleep at night. If you sleep the way I do, you know it doesn’t come easy. I am someone who is a rush of energy from the moment I wake up until it’s time to get to bed. Okay, I guess it would be more accurate to say that I am very energized every single day. One thing that I have the hardest time with is going to bed at a decent hour. I have always been a night owl which isn’t the best thing when you have to wake up in the morning to earn a living!

I wanted to put together this post to help anyone who might be having trouble getting to sleep. Everyone requires sleep at the end of the day. You might think that sleep is only done to stop you from feeling tired. However, you will find that sleep is much more beneficial to have once you start lifting weights. Sleep is done to help ensure you are recovering properly. Many people feel the need to spend a lot of money on recovery supplements.

Do you ever feel like its hard or nearly impossible to wake up in the morning? You aren’t alone, many studies believe that a groggy feeling is caused by not getting enough sleep. There are many important processes that occur when you go to sleep at night. Your body uses sleeping time to recover and heal. You might think that all activity stops once you have closed your eyes for the night. However, sleep time is when your body really gets started repairing itself.

It’s likely that you’ve seen supplements promising to increase the amount of HGH your produce. HGH stands for human growth hormone which is essential to gaining large amounts of muscle. Your body releases this hormones while you sleep. If you aren’t able to sleep a full night, you may never realize the full HGH potential that you have. Having enough human growth hormones can vastly improve how you gain mass.

There are a few helpful tips to think about doing if you are unable to sleep. I recommend that you discontinue any caffeine before going to bed. Sugary drinks can keep us continually energized without having to think about it. Although you may not feel that caffeine is working, it’s likely this ingredient is still keeping you energized. I’ve heard some people claim that they use caffeine to help relax because of the crash.

I don’t recommend counting on a caffeine crash to go to sleep. What you have to realize is that your body will first feel a huge wave of energy with caffeine. in my opinion, hoping to crash from caffeine isn’t guaranteed and it’s not a smart way to try and go to bed. I believe the word counter intuitive comes to mind when thinking of this plan. I have and will always recommend melatonin to get to bed. I have no idea how safe this supplement is, as I’ve heard a lot of rants from both sides. However, I know that melatonin is basically the only inexpensive way that I can go to sleep. You will want to keep the phones and tablets away from you while laying in bed. The blue light that electronic devices emit has been shown to create difficulties while sleeping at night.

How to Find the Best Mass Gainer for You

Throughout history, many people have wanted to gain mass. Some have used what are known as mass gainers to help them. A mass gainer is a supplement that is made to help someone gain weight. One main aspect of mass gainers that people don’t like is if it has too much sugars. I’m sort of on the fence about sugar in mass gainers. In my mind, if you’re going to try and gain mass in any way possible, that’s not the best time to start getting picky.

Mass Gaining Powder: Is it Right for Me?

I’ve had mixed experiences with mass gaining powder. If I had to pick, I’d say the best mass gainer on the market is True Mass. True Mass is made by BSN which makes many different supplement. I would say that they have been one of the most popular supplement companies I’ve ever seen.

I’ve tried a handful of their supplement ranging in different categories from preworkouts to protein powders. I’ve what are mass gainershonestly never had a bad experience with a BSN supplement. One drawback of many of the so called best mass gainers is that they taste bad. You don’t want to have to deal with drinking down a nasty mass gainer. I’ve had some that were the consistency of drinking pancake batter, gross.

You will want to try sample sizes of a mass gainer, if they are available. I think we have all spent upwards of 40 bucks on a supplement only to be massively let down. If you’re tough enough you won’t mind any mass gainer you come across. Just be warned some are exceptionally thick, like too thick to be called a drink.

What are the Best Mass Gainer Pills?

You might want to steer clear of mixing up drinks. I find that, especially in the workplace, having to go mix up a drink can be a hassle. You don’t want to be the person crowding the break room with everything needed to shake up a drink. Have you ever spilled a supplement on your boss? I haven’t but I wouldn’t want to be the person that does it.

Mass gainer pills are a bit harder to find than the powder mixes. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t mass gaining pills available. You just need to know what to look for. If you are wanting to gain more muscle through pills, you’ll need something with BCAAs. These amino acids are a must because they are a kind of food for your muscles. We want our muscle to feel full and never hungry. Hungry muscles help to ensure they remain small which is no good.

In closing, there are a few different ways to gain mass. The best mass gainer will depend upon your personal preferences. There are many mass gaining powder mixes you can use with milk or water. You will want to find a mass gainer that taste great, consider finding samples first. Some prefer to use pills to gain mass. It is a bit trickier to find the best mass gainer pills but they are out there. Gaining more mass is an experience that is meant to be challenging but fun. Take your best mass gainers with enough food to increase your weight gain efforts. I recommend using mass gainers as opposed to just eating your way to gaining weight.

Can You Bulk Up on the Paleo Diet?

If you haven’t heard about it, the Paleo diet is something that has really caught on recently. This diet is based on eating methods that our ancestors used to abide by. The Paleo diet typically consists of eating fresh foods. Any foods that are processed or made in a lab do not qualify for consumption.

As odd as it might seem, there are people who are actually looking to gain weight. I know that most everyone is obsessed with doing whatever is possible to lose weight. You have to understand that us weightlifters can be an odd group of people. I mean, after all, we are excited whenever we see stretchmarks, something others would run away from!

When looking at Paleo foods, there are a lot of fresh foods. This diet really maintains a consistency on everything being as fresh as possible. One major area of the Paleo diet involves eating meat, a lot of it.

Most people use the Paleo diet as a way to lose fat. Many people have shared their results using this diet. While many diets are cloaked in myths and lies, this one really seems to work. In addition, many enjoy using the Paleo diet because they don’t have to cut out meat and eggs.

There is one problem with the Paleo diet for bulking, you can’t have milk. I consider milk to be one of the easiest sources of calories there is. For me, not being allowed to have milk is a huge hindrance on how I would normally bulk up. However, that isn’t to say that bulking up without the use of milk is impossible.

However, that isn’t to say that it is impossible to bulk up with Paleo. On the contrary, you can actually bulk up very clean with Paleo. Many of us may be used to bulking in the sense of eating everything in sight. While a clean bulk is harder to maintain, it is more worthwhile without the extra fat accumulations.

The Paleo Diet contains many amino acids thanks to the addition of meats and eggs. Simply put, it is very beneficial to bulk up using Paleo. Who knows? Maybe there was a reason that all those statues back then were in such good shape. Could you imagine if they made a statue out of the average person now? Yikes!

When looking at an average day’s worth of calories (using 2,000 as an example number), you get far more beneficial ingredients with the Paleo diet. Many normal diets are comprised of calories from sodas, snacks, and candies. However, Paleo allows for you to get calories only from fresh and non-processed sources.

Overall, I would say that Paleo is great for bulking up with. However, it is all dependent upon the type of bulk you want to try. If going on a clean bulk, the Paleo diet is perfect for you. However, if you enjoy employing junk foods into your diet, I would not recommend Paleo. The strict guidelines are on what you are to east will eliminate most junk foods. Dieting is a matter of give and take most of the time. In this situation, if you want to bulk up without gaining a ton of fat than I highly recommend giving Paleo a shot.I can not attest to how well or not well this diet will work for you.

Ryback Accuses Current Wrestling Star of not Being Natural

It appears that Ryback is back at it again, this time with some wild accusations about a current wrestling superstar. There has recently been speculation among a few within the industry that a superstar looked different, after taking a break. Jinder Mahal is the superstar who is now, oddly enough, the number one contender for the WWE title, in a shocking victory last Tuesday. I really don’t understand why Mahal has found himself so close to such an important title. Some are speculating that Jinder’s sudden push has to do with something that was meant for another superstar, Rusev. However, this is only speculation as nothing has been close to being confirmed. There is little other reasoning behind Mahal’s push.

rybackWe aren’t talking about a superstar who has exactly been awarded with a high level status on any WWE card. However, in a shocking move Mahal did win a chance for a future title match on a pay per view, no less. I suppose that, with the invention of the WWE Network, pay per views have been antiquated by their on-demand system. I have to say that my mouth was nearly on the floor as I watched SmackDown Live, having good faith that Mahal would not win the main event. I thought his appearance in the match was going to be eating a pin from another wrestler. Sure enough, the bell rang and Jinder was declared the victor. I do have to say that the result of this match was one of those shocking decisions that are great for instant replays for the next month or two.

However, I can’t imagine a crowd is going to be very hyped up for Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal. Don’t think that I am confident Bray is not going to win the title. The upcoming House of Horrors match at Payback? Not even for the title! Doesn’t Bray Wyatt get some kind of rematch clause, effective for all superstars. Maybe I am getting too old to keep up with wrestling these days. Getting back to the Jinder accusations, I think honestly if this were true, he would be out of the company. The WWE is very strict about their regulations and steroid testing policies. Nowhere was this more evident than when WWE’s golden boy, Roman Reigns was suspended for a month after violating the wellness policy. Another important thing to remember is the source of this information.

Let’s just say we aren’t exactly talking about Dave Meltzer here. No matter how you feel about the content, you can’t argue that Ryback isn’t staying out of the headlines. Often, after a wrestler leaves such a major company they can struggle to find avenues for fame. It appears that Ryback is doing a great job of having his name still appear on the lips of many. I doubt that we will be seeing Ryback appear under anything WWE related for the foreseeable future. However, it really appears that both sides feel the same way so that is at least one positive of the current situation. What will Ryback say next? I honestly have no clue but he does have a podcast called Conversation with the Big Guy where you will be sure to find out. There are plenty of great interviews and of course you get hear Ryback’s thought which are worth a listen.

Teacher Formerly Gave Gear to Students

There are a few wild stories of teachers out there that we all hear about. However, the story of one teacher who has become a repeat offender is quite a feat. This man was located in the city of Riverside. I won’t disclose the name of the person here but let’s look at the events of what happened. First, a few years ago this person was arrested for allegedly giving steroids to a student. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Somehow, a teacher that was able to give steroids to someone to his strength team still was able to find employment at a school! I mean, come on, who was behind the hiring process for this choice?

This is going to be one of those moments where you think it can’t get any worse and it does. A month ago, the same teacher was arrested once again. However, this incident was related to the teacher shockingly choking a student during a heated argument.

The more I hear about teachers getting into trouble, the more I believe that these teachers are sometimes supplying the students. In my school, there was a country feel to it, since it was located in the country. Throughout my years in school I always wished that I could be one of those athletes but I just could never quite do it. It wasn’t like I didn’t try though. There were even a few years where I regularly attended football practices and even a few games.

No matter how hard I tried, sports and me were just never a match. I wished that my school would have had some sort of weightlifting team as I feel that I would have really enjoyed that. I might have also liked to have joined the wrestling team but I wasn’t sure that this would ever happen. The first wrestling match that I ever had pitted me up against someone who was much taller than I was. I never knew how much of a height advantage you had in wrestling if you were tall and skinny. My goodness, I think any other time in a fight situation I would have broken this person. However, within the confines of a wrestling mat, it was quite a struggle. I was a shorter person but I was also barrel chested and very dense.

Could the reason be that some teachers give out steroids to students be for victory reasons? Is it so their school can maybe go to state contests? Is it so that the coach themselves can receive their own recognition? No matter what the reason is, giving out steroids to people is bad enough. However, when it comes down to giving them out to people that look to you for advice, that’s just really bad. I can’t imagine that can’t imagine that we will be seeing this person going back to teaching anytime soon.

Only time will tell if this person ends up getting busted for something else down the line. However, we will see what will become of the school in the wake of these shocking findings. Hopefully, all of the other teacher can go back to being there for the students who have to be rocked by the findings. The teacher first tried to pass off the original steroid incident as a supplement as safe as amino acids or protein.

Steroid Lacing to be Found as Death of Man

Married couples know that sometimes it can be challenging to constantly live around another person. Perhaps, you don’t like the way that they put up the groceries, drive, or any other number of behaviors. No matter what, you always try your best to make a marriage one that is full of peace, love, and happiness. However, one woman decided that she was going to get back at her husband in a way that no one saw coming. The events that would lead to one woman killing her husband are the stuff that weightlifters have nightmares about! James Baker was a professional weightlifter and one that had done very well for himself. However, James was using something extra to get ahead of his weightlifting brothers and that was steroids.

Although she wouldn’t tell investigators exactly why she did, Jamie Baker was going to do something that there would be no coming back from. Jamie proceeded to inject antifreeze into the steroid vials that her husband was using. Unsurprisingly, James Baker would soon die as the result of this poisoning. I’m not saying that steroids were responsible for the death of James Baker. It is highly likely that this man could have continued to use steroid without much in the way of short-term harm.

Of course, I’m a big believer that steroid use will catch up to anyone after years of use. However, steroids can also pose another danger that this story should remind of, the danger of tampering. In this shocking tale, it wasn’t even the company making his steroids that James had to worry about, it was his own wife. I think that I will be placing a call to my wife today to tell her how great she is, after reading about this news. The original crime that Jaime confessed to happened in 2013. There are so many questions in a case like this, that’s it is hard to fully process all of the information. No one deserves to go out the way that James did but was there more than meets the eye in this situation?

We know that results have suggested that steroids can make you more angry. Sadly, the one person who knows the most about the events leading up to Jame’s tragic death would be his widow Jamie and she isn’t saying much about all of this. News of this incident stunned most in the bodybuilding community who had now seen how easy it can be to make steroids even more dangerous. It was realized what Jamie had done when an autopsy revealed that there were odd ingredients within the body of James Baker at the time of his death. It is likely that Jaime only had to lace her husband’s steroid supply once before his fate was sealed. I’m not advocating the use of steroids here, so please don’t mix up what I’m about to say. However, if you do use steroids, please put them away in a safe place. I don’t like to hear about anyone taking such crazy risks like using a steroid but I also don’t want anything that happened to James Baker to happen to anyone else. Again, I don’t think that steroids should be seen as the cause of death for James, it’s likely his wife would have poisoned him one way or another. In situations where someone is determined to get rid of their partner, they will usually try to find a way to make it happen.

Drawing the Line on Noise Making while Lifting

I’ve been hearing about people being kicked out of this place for being too loud. On one hand, I can see where people don’t want to bothered by a loud person lifting. That being said, what kind of environment were these people expecting to be in? Anywhere where there is weightlifting happening, there will most likely be some noise involved. If someone is going out of their way to ham it up and be obnoxious, that’s one thing. I normally lift heavy and there are times where I’m lifting so much, I can’t help but grunt. I’m not screaming at the top of my lungs, I don’t think there is any reason that should be done. What really bugs me is that most places won’t even offer a warning to someone, they will just tell them they have to leave.

I wish more of these places would have separate rooms, where powerlifters could go and workout the way that they wanted to. For the life of me, I can’t understand why someone wants to get so bent out of shape over a little bit of grunting. Also, want to make a newsflash to any complainers, have you tried squatting 350 lbs? If you haven’t, let me tell you, it’s going to take a lot out of you to lift. Once you get the bar moved back up and racked, you’re going to grunt, it is almost uncontrollable. I wonder what would happen if we tagged along the next time the complainers were working on a house project and moving things around? How would they like it if we were telling them that they were lifting too loudly for our ears? Maybe there could be some common middle ground that the powerlifters and complainers could meet on. Perhaps, if the powerlifters could cool it slightly with the yells and throwing weights, that would be good. On the other hand, the complainers need to inform staff when there is a legitimate noise violation, that continues to happen. Trying to get anyone who makes a noise kicked out of a workout center doesn’t do anything but divide the community.

The Downward Spiral of Jimmy Snuka

If you watched pro wrestling in the 70’s, you knew all about Superfly. Wearing a leopard print attire, Jimmy Snuka looked like he had just stepped out of the jungle and he wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. Mainly known for his groundbreaking and death-defying jump of the top of a steel cage in Madison Square Garden, for decades, Snuka was widely regarded as a Hall of Famer. As much as it pains me to inform you of the next part of his sad tale, I feel like I must so that you understand the entire picture of this legendary wrestler.

During the older and less transparent era of wrestling, good guys weren’t seen with the baddies and steroid use was running rampant through a federation. I’m not merely conjuring up speculation, the man himself has admitted to past steroid use. Whether or not any of those steroids would play a part in the decisions he would go on to make remain unknown. I wouldn’t want someone detailing every thing I had ever done wrong so I won’t go in-depth about it but for the woman who passed away, it must be mentioned. Jimmy Snuka and a longtime girlfriend were reported to have a troublesome relationship but no one knew how dangerous things would end up getting. Sadly, it was later found out that Snuka’s longtime former girlfriend had died under mysterious circumstances. For the sake of Snuka’s legacy, he was found incapable of standing trial for this crime. I really wish that Snuka’s last couple of years on this Earth hadn’t played out the way they did. Whether or not he had anything to do with the tragic disappearance isn’t for me to say. I really wish we had some documentary over what all went on in the crazy days of the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t think that it would shine any new light on why Snuka went down the path he did but I’m sure that steroid use did not help his brain. I choose to remember Superfly as the leopard-print clad wrestler who was one of the baddest men walking the planet, at one point in time. Even in his later years, Snuka could still show the world that he could fight in a Wrestlemania, even in his senior years, taking on Chris Jericho. Seeing a man jump off of a steel structure, nearly 30 feet in the air, will always be how I remember Superfly Snuka. After years of learning about a man’s past catching up to him, it stands to be a fair caution as to why steroids can really mess you up in the long run.

leap off cageTragically, Jimmy Snuka did pass away last year, at the age of 73. I still can’t fathom that Superfly would ever do anything so heinous, after all, accidents certainly do happen. Just remember, that although they could seem to be everything you’ve ever wanted, steroid use does have a price to be paid. Take it from someone who knows many people that have used them, it will sneak up on you but steroids will bring danger into your life, stay away from them. What we must do now is let the Superfly name bring back memories of those good times in the wrestling ring and not the later years that were plagued by mystery.

Jinder is Juicing, Thinks One Radio Host

With the wave of talent causing the sports entertainment giant known as the WWE to do a brand split, we have seen both new and old faces come up on our television screens in the past few months. One superstar that has fallen victim to being placed in an odd angle is Jinder Mahal. While Jinder has only recently came back to this new era that we are in regarding sports entertainment, he did appear to look a bit different, says one radio host. When Jinder first came onto the wrestling scene, one thing that surprised and impressed me about how he looked was his awesome vascularity. As someone who has watched many different wrestlers come and go, I noticed that Jinder was in spectacular shape. The years weren’t too kind to this man’s career, as he hopped from gimmick to gimmick, most notably appearing in the three man band, which I absolutely loved and was sad to see it go. Mahal’s most recent run has him appearing as a heel, or bad guy, with another top level superstar, Rusev. This newest angle hasn’t run it’s course yet, so I can’t say that nothing will come of it but one interesting episode of a well known wrestling podcast has some ears ringing, with one hosts words about Mahal’s recent look.

Seeing that a couple of fans in some forum are jumping on the steroid bandwagon, this is a big name in the world of wrestling reporting and he has some valid points. One of the most common side effects that come with steroid use is acne popping up out of nowhere. The rise of pimples can start on the backs of your arms and the back area itself but these problem spots will differ from person to person. I am not enough of an expert to make a snap judgment on such a big deal as steroids have become in the current climate of professional wrestling.

I do have to say that the recent development of Mahal has raised eyebrows of many wrestling fans, including myself, I do have to say his does look much bigger. Normally one to be smaller and more defined, he is starting to look more of the type of wrestler that Rusev is, a large brute. Perhaps it could be that Rusev’s style of powerlifting training has taken Mahal under it’s wing and everyone is reading too much into one man’s new muscular appearance. After all, there are many of us who regularly change up our routine when we feel that it has grown stagnant. The company that Mahal is employed with is not one to take steroid usage lightly, if something is up, we will all likely find out about it. There hasn’t been much to say in the way of steroid rumors being thrown around, since the Lesnar ordeal but that had primarily gone on with the MMA company that he fights with.

Considering the potential and television time that Mahal is receiving, in his current feud with two other wrestlers, Enzo and Big Cass, there is talent there. I just hope that the rumors I am reading about have no ounce of truth to them and that Mahal can enjoy a nice long career where he is at right now. You have to admit that Jinder Mahal has ran with some really awful gimmicks, I don’t think he is going to mess up the opportunity he has right now.

Shocking Supplements Rock the Midwest

It seems that there is someone else getting into a side gig that he definitely should be, this time it is taking place in Ohio. One man has been caught selling anabolic steroids, something that is a very bad idea. I have family and friends that are living in Ohio and I couldn’t imagine steroids being pushed in that state but I can’t say that I am surprised. No matter where you call home, there seems to be more steroids being handed out and I’m so happy that is being cracked down upon. What could be the most dangerous way of thinking, that comes with continual steroid usage, is the fear of losing everything you have worked for.

One of the reasons that I got away from anything having to do with steroids is because I saw, firsthand, the destructive way of thinking that those hormones can give you, something not often talked about. Everyone first thinks about the physical damage that a steroid can to do you, without thinking of the mental blockages that steroids can provide you. When you begin using a steroid, you get accustomed to life on easy street, so to speak. When I was foolish enough to use a steroid, all those years ago, I noticed that it felt like everything clicked into place. What I had wished that I had known was that the feeling of everything being easier was only a trick that was being placed on my brain. That sensation that steroids make lifting easier drives more people to stay on them, sometimes for decades. With long-term steroid use comes the risk of so many different ailments, ranging from mild discomfort to death, that it really shows you there is no place for a great life and steroids at the same time.

Without even getting into the laundry list of physical side effects that are associated with steroid use, the effect that kicked me the hardest and got me to denounce steroids forever would be the mental ones. I had felt like a world champion working out but it was only the steroids that were creating this false sense of security. When I stopped all steroids, I saw that muscle leave me, nearly just as soon as I had built it up. I felt like an idiot for giving away so many years of effort, just to see it all get thrown away once I decided that I needed a more natural regimen in my life. For one man in Ohio, he is seeing his entire life change, all over a decision that could have been avoided. Let this be a lesson to anyone who is trying to steroids in the wrong hands, there are many different groups who are there to protect the safety of the people and they are ready to perform their job with the highest level of efficiency. I know that I will never fool myself into thinking that steroids are the answer for life’s problems. Trust me, you can achieve the strength that you long for, if you can put in the time and work. Time is a funny thing and it will pass, no matter what we try to do to slow it down, so why not start now with strength training without the use of steroids?