Post-Workout Selfies tie you to Narcissism

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Are you scrambling to get your phone, when you should be worrying about cleaning up? I have many friends that have got to get nearest the large mirror, in order to snap that selfie, in which they are dripping with sweat. You’ve seen that one man or woman on your timeline that is always guilty of sharing too much information. I have to share what I’ve been learning about someone I know. I wouldn’t say that I know the offender but more of a friend of a friend situation. This man is the king of narcissism and always has his own anecdotes for his crowd of followers. There has to be a lot of his day to put into the posts he makes, each one more ridiculous than the last. I mean, this guy has to put so much detail into every announcement that he just completed another set that is sounds like a mental. It is odd because none of the photos that he posts make him look like he is really handsome, from a male who is comfortable where he stands.

obsessed with itIf you are thinking that this guy looks like a movie star who is in perfect condition, think again. He is a portly individual who I will admit, is actually strong. Let’s call him Tim, he would post every workout on his own Facebook wall, for everyone to see. I get letting a couple of close friends, who are interested and wanting to see it, your workout numbers. Otherwise, Tim, do you honestly think that your work buddies and old classmates really care about every single time you lift weights? For lack of a better word, the tackiness that goes into Tim’s Facebook wall goes beyond normal and into a whole new world. He used to make wallpapers of himself, using some poorly made graphic design program. Before you ask, no he has nothing mentally wrong with him, I would never mock a person like that. I would admire all of the dedication that he put into his weightlifting, if he wasn’t so busy rubbing it in everyone’s face. Do I sound out of line, I shouldn’t, as most who were polled agree.

If you are the offender who has been busy showing everyone how he good he looks, like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, your friends are faking that enthusiasm. To take it to another, much deeper level, when you are giving out likes and thumbs up like there is no tomorrow, to the narcissists, it drives their obsession further into being noticed and appreciated. Hearing that, I couldn’t have the heart to be the one who stops liking show-offs, it’s just too mean. When you are holding back yawns dreading scrolling through your wall to see what Mr. or Mrs. Fitness Freak has done for the day, you know the real truth, there is probably some narcissistic behavior occurring here. Don’t call anyone out on it in public, that would make it tacky for you, just silently hope that they find this information out and start withholding showy posts and images.

Do you have a Tim of your own, who is constantly keeping his follower tuned into every time he lifts a dumbbell. I, for one, think workout selfies, taken privately are cool. I’ve been known to take some post-workout pictures that I thought made me look great. Here’s the kicker, when you have to post them publicly, it kind of reeks of needing to seek approval. I will bypass everything I’ve said, under one condition, you are posting all those pictures to get back at exes and old classmates, that’s a different story!

Restless Nights Commonly Associated with Gear

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One fateful night, about eight years ago, I had hit the snooze button on my bedside alarm clock, for the seventh time in one night, a new record. What had me dodging sleep and tossing like a mental patient? Admittedly, I was taking what was supposed to be a kind of topical steroid for what an old injury that was wrecking my life. I had moved pillows and blankets around so often, that it seemed like I was doing more laundry, than I was getting the sleep I needed so badly.

As the sleepless nights started to go into the weekend, I got increasingly frustrated. On the good nights, where sleep found me, I would spring out of bed the next day, being fully aware and alert. I was baffled, from barely attaining shuteye, that I woke up as energized as I did. All seemed to be perfectly normal, until I would find myself the victim of micro naps, also known as a scary way to get through the day. When you deprive the body of sleep, whether intentionally or not, naps will be taken without you signing off on them. The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred during a morning drive.

I was out on the open road, like an idiot after the lack of sleep that I was getting, when a fateful micronap took my eyes off the road for what felt like half a second. In that short time, my car veered onto the side of a country road and gave me the shock of a lifetime! I was thankful that no one else was on the same road that I was travelling down. Of course, being awoken in a ditch isn’t easily forgotten, I wanted to cry and scream at the same time. After confiding my close call to an interested party, I began only using what was safer on my body than steroids were. A selected few steroids don’t only add muscle tissue when digested, they can give you a false sense of energy. Springing up and being wide awake, all while not sleeping as many hours as you need will catch up with you, it isn’t a question of if but, rather, one of when. For me, it was a little after a week of a steroid robbing me of sleep that my car would end up off the road, not by choice.

Andy Samberg to Poke Fun at the World of Juicing

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The genius that makes up one-third of the Lonely Island, Andy Samberg is set to release a new film, with subject matter that hits close to home. This new mockumentary will talk about the issues of steroids in various sports. With an all-star cast, and coming fresh off of his hit film about the crazy world of tennis, it looks as if all of the pieces are falling into place. This film will be airing on HBO and it is expected to have a large and eager audience. I always say that it is great to be able to laugh at yourself, every once in a while. With the release of this new film, everyone involved in all of the steroid news that we constantly hear about will either enjoy the humor or be upset. I think that Samberg is going to have another critically acclaimed picture, the world of sports testing has been providing too much good material for it to just be swept away.

Among the many names that are being added to this project, we will also get to see Mike Tyson act in this film. I, for one, have always enjoyed Tyson’s comedic work and will be looking forward to his role in this movie. Could we see new attitudes emerge from the scathing portrayal of how steroids have taken over? I don’t think so but, at the very least, you can grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh at these recent events that are begging to be mocked. With news just being released regarding this film, there is still a lot of casting choices and plot lines that we will all find out about when the time is right. Until then, I advise you to check out the film, released on HBO, that was all about tennis. I have never considered myself a tennis fan and my friends were put off by the spot of choice, until they actually gave it a shot and watched it. I would have to wipe away the tears from my eyes, from how hard I was laughing. Knowing that I am somewhat informed about the new topic that Samberg is out to roast, I will be anticipating the day that I finally get to sit down and view this awesome offering.

If you haven’t seen the tv show called Nathan for You, you have missed out on the comedic genius of host, Nathan Fielder. I mention this man because he too has been signed on as a cast member for this movie and he could very well be the one who steals the show. As it is still freshly announced, it isn’t clear which roles all of these amazing personalities will be playing. However, I have a feeling that more information is going to be released soon but that could just be wishful thinking. If all of the good buzz that surrounded the last film made by two amazing writers, get ready to enjoy a fun trip down a road of laughs that none of us are soon to be forgetting. I can’t say that all of us will be sitting back and laughing so hard, hopefully no one takes Samberg and Miller’s latest comedy too serious. After all, they do say that steroids can cause harsh reactions to, what would otherwise, be harmless fun! No official release date has been set for this film, as more is found out, I will do my best to let you all know!

Recommended Reads for Any Aspiring Bodybuilder

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Don’t feel ashamed if you haven’t cracked open a good book in a while. I would be embarrassed to divulge how little I have been reading lately. Take a break from the television set and spend an hour or two starting out a new book on becoming stronger. The subject of supplements doesn’t have a huge selection to pick from but I was able to find my favorites and I wanted to share them with all the awesome readers like you. I would be sickened if I didn’t include what has been known as the bible of bodybuilding. If you are known as the Bible of anything, you had better be able to back up those claims. Who would be a great wealth of knowledge of the sport of bodybuilding, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger, a God of modern day bodybuilding?

bodybuilding reads

Become a better and more-informed enthusiast with these weightlifting and nutrition selections.

Of course, that is why he had written this astonishingly thorough look at all aspects of supplements, weightlifting, and injury prevention. Seriously, this book, in my opinion, was the backbone of every muscle magazine or how to guide in existence. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding isn’t a book that is expected to be soaked in within one read. More of a coffee table size book, this encyclopedia is better suited to be a guide, one that you should gain value from over a long period of time. At 800 pages and with tons of copies sold, you can’t go wrong with the king of bodybuilding being your guide. Without a doubt, my first choice for any aspiring or professional weightlifter, with all knowledge ranges in between!

My second selection would be the Bodybuilder’s Cookbook, clocking in with one hundred recipes, even the pickiest eater should find a meal that they enjoy. As far as steroid alternatives, you will still be required to maintain a somewhat healthy diet. If you live on pre-made meals where every aspect of your food is prepared, like frozen foods, you need to get this book. Take it from someone who didn’t know how to make an omelet until he was 26, if I can learn how to cook an entrée or two, so can you!

For my third selection, this was a tough one, I have to go with Steroid Nation. While not being a how to type book, like the first two selections, the final choice is an eye-opening look at how prevalent steroids are in both places you knew about and ones you didn’t even suspect. There is a lot of talk of sports in this book, if you aren’t a fan you can still gain some really interesting tidbits of information. If you do enjoy sports you have either read this book already or you desperately need to pick a copy up.

Each of the books that I wanted to include are not short reads, by any means. It was hard to narrow down which books would make the cut, with the fact that there are great reads concerning a more specific subject. If you have any books that you think were unjustly not placed here, tell us your choices at our social pages. Reading a book is lost on a generation glued to their cell phones but you can break that cycle. Build your muscles and your vocabulary with these awesome books, you will not be disappointed.

Italian Bodybuilding Show Becomes Hotbed for Gear

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Being one of the most beautiful countries that I have had the pleasure of visiting, not all is right in Italy right now. There was a huge bodybuilding competition that took place in this country two months ago. This event was a huge gathering and contained many different bodybuilding hopefuls, all looking to claim their number one spot on the stage. What has been found out now is that there was some juicing going on, leading up to this show and it was on a grand scale. One bodybuilder was shown to have had over twenty separate steroids in his system. I don’t care how big the prize money could be, what kind of perks you get by winning, or anything else, nothing would tempt to be so reckless.

I can’t fathom using one steroid, knowing how badly they damage your body, let alone having over twenty in my bloodstream. What still puzzles me is why were the results released so long after the event? There has to be some kind of reprimanding in place, in the event that a competitor took one of those top prizes. I hope that actions are taken against the bodybuilders that were shown to have steroids in their system. Being that this championship event was a big happening, the participants who were not using steroids should be moved up in the placements. Otherwise, you start to set a standard that cheating is ok, as long as no one knows until the show is all said and done. This isn’t a tricky situation that Italy faces on their own, America has had a rampant steroid problem for decades.

Will We See Newer Impositions in Place?

I can’t help but think that Italy isn’t the only country whose bodybuilding championships are being treated like a three ring circus. I am stunned that the one competitor, the guy who was using a lot of separate steroids, didn’t die. I don’t care how much of a professional you are, or how long you have been using them, there is no reason that one person should be taking that many different dangerous substances. The rate that this poor guy has to be harming himself is unimaginable. Another reason why I don’t understand steroid abuse is because it can cost you not just your health but the future, at your chosen profession. For some of the names that have been found to be on gear, they could really have a challenge when it comes time to enroll in future shows.

I don’t know about you feel but I would prefer to place at a lower standing and not have to worry about being called out on how I did it, versus cheating with a high placement and dealing with the aftermath of being caught. Once again, we see an example of those who are willing to take their lives and well-being into their own hands, all in the name of a trophy or prize. The lengths that have been gone through to achieve more notoriety have got to be stopped, there is no future in habitually using steroids. Those who do no heed the advice of others are only doomed to repeat the same old mistakes. It looks like Italy is learning these lessons first hand and it is a shame that this country has to go through these hoops, all because a few people couldn’t play by the rules.

Reality Show Contestant Sets Steroid Rumors Straight

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For one big hit television show, everyone seems to be enamored with the latest antics of one character. His name is Chad and if you keep up with entertainment, specifically reality shows, you will know exactly who I am talking about. This contestant has run roughshod through his competitors and follows a technique that I can get behind, which is no press is bad press. Many fighters and promoters have used controversy as a surefire way to sell more tickets and boost buy rates, why can’t reality television contestants? I haven’t watched the Bachelorette ever in my life and never plan to but I like to keep up with what the latest topics of discussion are. All of the sudden, I can’t go anywhere without hearing about the latest antics of Chad. From having some temper issues early on, to almost starting his share of fights with other contestants, the man has made quite the name for himself. As Chad made for some great reality television moments, more and more people began to talk about this guy.

The elephant in the room became finding out the cause because Chad’s ultimate jock behavior. After watching two or three commercials for the show, that were seemingly on at every turn, I could see why this man was making waves in the entertainment world. Going for pure shock value, his antics and bravado were something that wasn’t expected from so many other guys trying to be Don Juan. The more chatter that came up regarding Chad, a new rumor began to make the rounds that Chad might be taking something to act the way that he does. Yes, the rumors of steroid use began to rear their ugly heads all around the news.

I think that these stories were sat on for a short while and I wouldn’t blame the person behind that decision, if it were true. It was almost as if, with these new allegations, that Chad’s stock continued to rise, higher than it was before. I would guess that the ratings for this particular reality show have stayed high this season and could see them increasing, amid all of the crazy rumors regarding Chad. One reason that steroids was a quick assumption to make for Chad’s behavior is due to the roid rage dark cloud that still is prevalent in the verbiage we all use. Watching this guy ready to start swinging his fists and shoving others, at the drop of a hat, I understand why some have alleged that he might be on the gear.

After a brief period in time, Chad’s people were quick to set the record straight and that was that Chad was not taking desertedany steroids. This is the big issue I take with the roid rage debate, it becomes easy to slap a label like this on someone who could have real behavioral issues. I have seen what this man looks like and it is obvious that he is in really good shape. I just don’t think that we can make such wild guesses, when those words get aired out to the entire world. It is mesmerizing that someone we really know so little about, even though we see him on a box for about thirty minutes a week, that we feel we know enough to take personal shots at someone.

Phillies Pitcher Out for 80 Games After Failed Test

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It looks like trouble has found its way back to Philadelphia again. Recent news reports have shown that a pitcher from this team has failed a steroid test and is now out for eighty games. This suspension, coming at a pivotal time in the current baseball season. It is once again, that steroids and baseball are really starting to create a bad name for themselves. I often speak about how damaging steroids can be for everyday people, think about how bad it has to be for the Phillies right now. The steroid that came up as the cause of the reason for failure, has not just been a concern for the Philadelphia team, other baseball players have been popped for the very same substance. I can’t say, with one hundred percent accuracy, what the future hold for the sport.

However, it looks like the more that this substance shows up on tests, the quicker something will be done to detect the steroid in question. Turinabol is the steroid that has come up on so many radars, recently. The reason that this supplement has become so sought after, was how easy it was for certain people to obtain, as well as how hard it was to be detected (until recently). I can put myself in the shoes of these players and begin to understand the struggle with steroid use. If you think that the job that you go to is competitive, try being a professional sports player.

Not only are these men and women playing a sport as their job, they are celebrities that are judged for the tiniest things, under the biggest microscopes. Even decisions like the one made to suspend the player in question, whose name I am leaving out for privacy purposes, are bound to be scrutinized under the public eye. Eighty games is a big suspension and will put this player out for the majority of the entire baseball season. I know that these punishments are not meant to be ones that are kind to the players breaking the rules, many others have faced a suspension of the same length. I am glad to see the no-nonsense stance being taken against steroid use in the sport of baseball. As another concern rocks the baseball community, more are calling for a tougher stance on tests being performed.

Baseball has always been America’s pastime, so I take it personally when people are trying to cheat the system. I think that the punishments being doled out for any use of banned substances are fitting ones. I honestly don’t believe that, after suffering eighty game suspensions, that the athletes in question are going to be jumping back on the steroid bandwagon ever again. The heartache that comes with having to sit on the sidelines for so long, would make any player look back on the decisions that they have made. I know that if I had been removed from my chosen profession for a long time for something that I have done, I would know that I couldn’t make those mistakes again, going forward. All that we can do is wait and watch the future of baseball, to see if these failed test reports stop coming in, I can only hope! I want to hear from the readers, who do you think will be the next person to show up for having a failed steroid test in baseball?

Mark Hunt Drums Up Lesnar Drama

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As the new UFC pay per view is fast approaching, you can’t get out a sentence without mentioning Brock Lesnar. The world is wondering what the former champion is going to bring to the table this time around. I fully expect him to destroy whoever stands in his way. At first, no one was sure who the Beast was going to face on July 19th. There were many different names brought to the forefront, while some stayed sure that Mark Hunt was going to be his challenger. It was announced, exclusively on ESPN on Monday that Lesnar will indeed face Hunt at UFC 200.

It didn’t take long for some fuel to be added to the fire of this match, when Hunt took to commenting on allegations that Brock Lesnar was or had been using steroids. I would have to shoo away these rumors as nothing more than hyping up a fight. I don’t think that Mark Hunt should have made such false allegations, have you seen how tough the WWE is on steroids now? I mention the WWE because that has where Lesnar has, on and off again, spent about the past two years of his life.

No, Lesnar isn’t on Any Steroids

I have to call into questions the claims that were made by Hunt because, to me, it sounds like he is degrading the WWE, by saying that their screenings aren’t as strenuous. I have to be reminded of the tragic cases of a certain professional wrestler who led to such strict testing protocols to be put into place for future competitors, including Brock Lesnar. We can all have a laugh and talk about the differences between MMA and professional wrestling but there is no gray area with steroids and there never will be. Brock Lesnar has such human strength that most of us will never have, I don’t think that the guy needs to use steroids, it’s not like he is going to appear small without them.

hunt against lesnarI have seen Brock Lesnar in person and, I have to say, he is someone who looks much bigger in person. I don’t mean that I think he is someone who is small on television, quite the contrary. Let me tell you, this is a guy who been mostly dominant in any profession he chooses to compete in. I would like to think that the world belongs to Brock Lesnar and he just allows us all to exist within it. I believe that Hunt is doing what he can, in order to add some drama to the fight and to get everyone talking. Sadly, once Lesnar was announced, I know that the entire world had all of the hype that it needed in order to sell a ton of buys.

There will be an exemption placed on Brock Lesnar, due to the circumstances in which the fight was announced. Being that Brock was not under a long-term contract with the company and this is sort of a type of one-off appearance, for now, Lesnar is facing different timetables for his testing periods. Hunt is quick to say that this is a way for Brock to be juicing under the radar but I don’t believe that for a second. Both fighters are going to put on an amazing show for the fans, the real winners of this contest. What remains to be seen is a war of words before these two giants collide within the walls of an octagon.

Boxing’s Knockout Punch Against Steroids

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If you want to mention a sports that is known for its controversy, you wouldn’t need look much further than boxing. I, myself, have always been a huge fan of the sport and this is coming from someone that isn’t really a sports nut. From the classic fights of the good old days to the fighters rocking and rolling now, there has never been a shortage of interesting fighters in this sport. While not at the height of its viewership, which is a shame, boxing still makes waves around the world but the reasons for the newsmakers aren’t good ones, all of the time. I’m not attacking boxing, I love the sport and think that it is one of the purest forms of competition that there is. I mean, you have two people standing in a ring punching the lights out of another person. Two men enter, one man leaves and that is why I will always be a boxing fan.

boxers standingI know that all sporting authorities have been calling for increased methods of efficiently testing for steroids. It baffles me that people complain when an athlete is called out for their steroid use, is that not a big sign that the testing systems are working? As a fan, I would be happier seeing more stories of boxers being caught for their wrongdoing, than a world where the playing field is far from even. Not everyone is going to take the risk of using steroids, the reward being that those who will are going to have added hitting power.  These boxers have spent most of their lives learning how to punch effectively, when you add in steroids to that training, you can really harbor some scary power.

How Allegations Can Blemish A Legend

Steroids were on the rise, in just about every sport, twenty to thirty years ago. Due to their not being effective enough methods in place to catch any users of a steroid, it was sort of like the wild west, no rules! As rules and tests became increasingly sharper, it wasn’t long until boxers were getting busted. One of the most notorious steroid accusations were lobbed at an unlikely candidate, Evander Holyfield. Known as one of the last remaining stars that was still down to earth and a God fearing man, the jaws of the world dropped when the news broke. Yes, Evander was in awesome shape but I think he just has a bad rep. When the people that put him down can knock out Mike Tyson, I suppose than you would have the right to talk bad about the guy. My point is, Holyfield had an amazing run, in a career that was unfair, he doesn’t need anything to tarnish his legacy.

Boxers have even had their titles removed, after the fact, if tests show that a fighter was on steroids in a past fight. I would love to see a rebirth of the sport of boxing, it deserves way more love than it gets right now. The move of Premier Boxing Champions to mainstream television is a big step in the right direction, one that I hope more steps are being taken in. I probably won’t ever turn away from being a boxing fan, no matter what other controversies may come to the sport. Every type of competition will always have those who are trying to bend the rules, eventually, most get caught. How about we all stop calling out boxers for steroid use, sit back and enjoy the sport?

No, Jay-Z is NOT on Steroids!

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Recently, it seems that the internet is buzzing about seeing a megastar with a newer physique. I want to calm everyone down and say that this rapper is not taking steroids. First of all, why would he do anything to risk what he has going on now? As far as I am concerned, Jay-Z is on top of the world right now and he isn’t going to do anything so dumb to risk that future. Another thing to take into consideration all of the money that this man has, I am sure that he could afford a personal trainer and chef, which would make getting big really easy.

Many are quick to throw the accusation of steroids on just about anyone who is looking like they might have been using some weights. It is easy to use this baseless accusation against someone because it is the easy way out. Having seen people that have used steroids like they would use a Kleenex, this man isn’t on them. The funny thing is, even if there was some crazy small chance that he was, what is the big deal? I think that Jay-Z has fully earned the right to do what he has to do, behind closed doors. Even if he were using steroids, it is totally plausible that they could be written out to him by someone with the power to do so. There are so many unknown factors that it isn’t right to put that kind of a label on a guy like Jay-Z, it just isn’t fair to him and all that he has done.

The report was quickly shot down as being baseless, which is good. What fascinates me the most with steroid speculation regarding celebrities is that there will never be proof of anything, yet people still go on a wild chase. I suppose that this is why I never really card for gossip in school, I think that people should have their own privacy. I know I would hate a bunch of people taking pictures of me every single time I went out in public, it would drive me crazy! There is no reason that this man would want to mess with any kind of dangerous gear, so I think he should be left alone. I have been a huge Jay-Z fan since around 1998 and I think he is way too smart of a guy to do anything so foolish. You don’t rise up from the life he did, to the one he has now, without being smart. Yet, he becomes another celebrity that gets all these false rumors spread about him, it makes me angry.

I think we should spend more of our time focusing on the music that this man has put out for the last fifteen years and what he continues to do in the future, first and foremost. I feel bad that this celebrity may have just worn a tighter shirt or changed nothing at all and it has to send the public into such a frenzy. Now, let me get back to hitting the weights and blasting 99 Problems! Soon this craziness will all blow over and we can get back to talking about what really matters when you are mentioning Jay-Z and that is his music. You don’t become a legendary rapper and a business icon by messing around with nasty steroids, let’s leave the guy alone!