Why I Choose to Gain Without Gear

I wanted to take a quick second and help to explain just what this website is all about. On this site, we will have much information that discusses smarter choices that you make in the gym. Comparing the safe supplements to the non-safe actual steroids is what we aim to do, in order to help you reach your goals. Many think that you need to risk your health to build yourself up, it’s just not the truth. It doesn’t take long to look around and see that others look like perfection, with nothing but what is in most kitchens. I wish that I could sit down with those who are determined to make such poor decisions, over what they falsely think that they need to get ahead with weightlifting.

Personally, I have known people who went down the wrong path and watching it is devastating. I hate getting on a soapbox and getting preachy but I feel strongly about wising up others with information about the destruction that steroids can cause. You don’t ever want to play a game that is impossible to win. I’m happy that most attitudes have changed, cooler heads are saying no to steroids, however there is still wrongdoing going on. For instance, in a few countries where self-image is becoming more important, steroid use is rising right along with it. Here at Legal Steroid Source, we only talk about supplements that are legal to have. If you are looking for the real deal, you will have go somewhere else, I don’t condone steroids and I will never speak of them in a light that is untrue. Sure, I do have strong feelings against them but only because I’ve seen them take their tolls on people I knew and loved.

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Advances are being made, in the world of supplementation, that you have to look closely to see. I feel that the innovations are giving us products that are flat out better. There was a period of time, around four years ago, where more products were being recalled, at a very alarming rate. What started as one or two supplements being taken away, had skyrocketed to what became, for the most part, an entire overhaul of an industry. Times were dark for a few months but that same overhaul helped out supplements more than anything has in decades. What we got, going forward, were companies that were transparent and happy to show every single ingredient in every product that went out the factory door, these are the good times.

Seriously, if half of the people that were on gear, decided to see what all was around for them to try, we could wipe out a lot of steroids that are polluting bodies and minds everywhere. I suppose that some think that rules are made to broken, but not me! Steroids, regardless of what anyone says, are closely being related to deaths and that is not suitable for me. I will be working out and getting stronger, with a few select supplements and my own sheer willpower. Injecting with anything has always sent me in a tailspin, having a large fear of needles. You’re too important to this world to go and chasing cheap and easy tickets out, put down the steroids and see what you are capable of. You could be pleasantly shocked when you realize that you chose this journey and you have more than enough strength within to do well at it.